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a place for readers and book discussion groups looking beyond the bestseller lists for their reading selections.

We are a group of women who have been in a book club for many years. We believe in the power of good literature, but mostly, we just love to read. And when we find a great read, we want everyone to know about it.

Reading Woman was a quarterly we published for six years to help readers filter through the overwhelming number of reading choices in bookstores and libraries. No advertising and no influence by publishers. Just good, grassroots recommendations in a publication we put out ourselves. At the time, the Washington Post Book Supplement listed Reading Woman among the top eight review publications, along with the New York Times Review of Books! Even better than a review publication, however, Reading Woman contained only summaries and excerpts. This was great for busy people who didn't want to spend their precious time reading lengthy reviews.

Now we are in the process of putting all of our recommendations in this site! Many are grouped by genre. We invite you to browse around and read our summaries of great Short Stories and look at the section on Writers of the Harlem Renaissance. We also have a section on Mysteries and great recommendations for Science Fiction. We recently added a section on Nature and Landscape and Essays. Just added: Social Issues.

We'll be adding additional recommendations frequently, so check back often to see what books we have read and loved!

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